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About After Sales Service

Q1:  Why is the delivery time out?

A: The clothes had already been shipped, but we checked them out a little bit, and in order to provide you with better quality, we spent a little more time to modify them.

Q2Why do we actually receive less quantities than orders?

A: I ' m sorry , we ' d like to make your next order fill you with the missing clothes

Q3:  Why is the actual effect of clothing and my expected effect is not the same?

A: We have confirmed to you in advance that there are subtle differences between the model diagram and the physical diagram itself.

Q4 Why do you make clothes that I wear too big or small?

A: We have confirmed the size table with you earlier. If it is really our problem, then we can do it again.

Q5Why do we still have threads in our clothes?

A: I'm sorry to trouble you because of our negligence. The production of the factory is relatively large, so it is inevitable that the sewing department will make some minor mistakes. I hope you can understand. Meanwhile, We'll keep improving quality testing.

Q6Why is the fabric of clothes not very wear-resistant?

A: I'm sorry I didn't give you a better sense of experience. A lot of exercise does damage to the fabric, and we're sure to keep improving the quality of the fabric.

Q7Do you need any other categories of sportswear?I hope we can establish a more friendly and long-term relationship.

A:Me too, I'd be happy to contact you when I have any other demand.

Q8May I ask you when your next order will be

A: We will buy clothes again in September and look forward to working with you again.

Q9 Can you give us a feedback?

A: Of course, your product deserves good feedback.

Q10Are you satisfied with the clothes we designed?

A: I'm satisfied. It's the effect we want.





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