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About Design And Frame

Q1:May I know is it a free size ?

Customer:i want it too look slightly large my customers are mostly a size small or medium , but i love the style because it looks big that’s the look i want.

A: We can do it with your own size chart ,if u don’t have it ,I will show u our owns.

Q2:If I only send u a picture ,can u do the design and pattern like this ?

A: Yes we can do that but if u have the vector file .that will be great ,sometimes the picture is not clear ,the real printing effect will be more fuzzy as well.

Q3: About the incorrect size chart.

Customer: I have send the size chart I want to use ,can u do it ? (if the customer size chart is a rough size chart, like the chest size -35-39 inch )

A: I am sorry that the size chart is not the correct one ,this is the human body measurements ,and not the jersey real size chart ,like the length ,u can see ,there are a rough size ,it means that u can wear it as long as your length is in that range , I have attached our own size chart for your reference ,u can measure it .

Q4:About the order color.

A: Normally we choose the color from our color swatch ,and the best way that u choose the panton card and we know which color u want ,but if u don’t have it ,we will choose the color from the picture u send me .we will choose the most similar one .and if we keep the long term relationship ,I will send u our color swatch for u ,and our every order ,u can choose the color from it .

Q5:About want to see the design before the order .

A: First ,we can do the design for u ,but it will cost more days and when we have the orders ,we will do the design for u and show u the final design for your confirming until your final confirming .if I do the design for u first ,I have to write your order into our system again and it will cost five -six more days to see your final product. So the best way that let’s do the order first ,and not get your confirming ,we won’t start the production.

Q6:About the pattern .(if the customer ask why the design is separate)

A:This is the jersey cut pattern and can’t be mockup ,it’s different.

Q7:About the design format .

A.We need the vector file ,like the EPS,PDF.AI file .if only the picture ,it’s a little hard to do the whole same ,we will try but it will cost more days .

Q8:About the time to see the final design.

A:Normally we need to do the pattern first ,if u use our pattern or our own size chart ,it will only cost 2 days about ,but if we don’t have the pattern u want ,we have to do it and it will cost 2-3 days to see the final design .





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