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        Speaking of the most common ball games for men, women, and children, nothing is more suitable than basketball. In almost every country, every school has a basketball team. There is a basketball court near each living quarter. As a common entertainment activity for people all over the world, it has become one of the entertainment activities indispensable part of people's daily life. Especially in the United States, as the birthplace of basketball, every school has a basketball school team, and there are basketball tournaments between almost every state. Based on such a large demand, we pursue the truth of serving all the athletes in need and decided to take the initiative.

     So we contacted a little famous American basketball clothing dealer WOOTER, and then the owner of WOOTER came to our factory to understand and test the production of our factory. So we have established a long-term cooperation. Through him, we have made basketball uniforms for many high school basketball teams in the United States, we even made team basketball uniforms for teams competing in state championships in California.

        The pictures shown are all our customers. They all wear the basketball sets we made for them. How do you look good? They looks not bad, right?       

        For example, what the below picture shows is a high school women's school basketball team in the Southern United States. We use 100% polyester 135gsm polyester-covering fabric for them, which is soft, comfortable and breathable. And low light transmission, very suitable for female basketball players.

        This picture shows the men's basketball team in their school. Men and women are different after all because boys have more exercise and more power when playing basketball, so they are more suitable for tear resistance, quick sweat absorption, the sewing thread is very tough and firm fabric. So we used 100% polyester 165gsm Eyelet Mesh fabric to make basketball jerseys and basketball pants, and easily solved all problems for them:D

        Our company specializes in the production of sportswear for 15 years, especially good at sublimation process printing. This process can effectively guarantee the high colorfastness of printing, avoiding the team name and printing color drop. We provide multitudinous professional single-sided or double-sided fabric from 135gsm to 190gsm. There is always one suit you!


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