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        From August to February each year, many American sports enthusiasts will focus their attention on the NFL---National Football League, which dominates the media and the hearts of men, women and children of all ages. It is one of the top four sports in the United States with the most fans. Especially in the finals' period, Everyone comes out and the alleys are all empty. Surprisingly, due to a coincidence, we met Thomas, a dealer who specializes in supplying American football uniforms to college students. Because of this, during these four years, we have been providing college football teams for many universities in the eastern United States.

        Speaking of how we met, maybe you will feel funny. The manager of our company's American football uniform, Joy, she has a deep research on American football sets. Of course, she also deeply loves the sport. She is convinced that only by deeper and more practical understanding can we make American football sets that are more in line with customer requirements. Therefore, in February 2014, our company leaders gave her and her subordinates the NFL finals tickets in the department. Everyone went to the United States to watch the game. The leaders hope that they can have a deeper understanding of American football uniforms..


        Coincidentally, they were sitting next to Thomas. When they watched the finals, they encountered problems such as fouls that were common in the competition. Thomas was very angry saying that they fouled, but why did he not give a yellow card warning? Joy they were puzzled, so she took the initiative to chat with Thomas which were sitting on the side, and found out that Thomas really understood a lot of things in this regard, he explained to them this time the foul - interference Passinterfere and offside. He found that Joy was very interested so told them a lot about this in the intermission. Later, Joy learned that he was a dealer who provided football uniforms for the college football team. After the competition, She left him a business card, Thomas learned that our company is specialized in producing sportswear, and mainly good at American football Jerseys, American football pants, and so on, so they kept each other's WhatsApp.

        From that day on, they slowly became friends. On the day of June 2014, he came to our factory to visit and discuss with us. Finally he decided to cooperate with us. We used a 290gsm 100% polyester two-sided poly-spandex mixed fabric that is fast drying, breathable, durable, tear-resistant, stretchable and comfortable. Moreover, our factory uses sublimation printing. With rich experience, 32 designers and more than 300 workers are involved in production and production, ensuring the printing quality of digital numbers and names.

        Every satisfaction,created our continuous cooperation for four years. If you also want to have your own exclusive design. Just come here. No design or pattern limited. We can print logos, names on the shirts or pants. Just need to send us your Logo or Design in PDF or AI format, or tell us your detailed requests. Our professional designers will provide the best solution for you. You can always find something you are satisfied with here.

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