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        No matter how young or old, good times, baseball is life, I think, this is the biggest charm of baseball. Through baseball to convey a concept, naturally and harmoniously get along with the environment and society, gradually live independently, face and overcome difficulties.

        This young college baseball team is also a baseball enthusiast who won the championship in the baseball season at American in the previous quarter. The smile on their faces makes people happy, and their wish is to one day be able to participate in the MLB.      

        Therefore, we have chosen such craftsmanship and fabrics to provide them with a better experience of playing baseball.* Fabric: Interlocking moisture-wicking fabric for a lightweight, breathable feel. * Waistband: Jersey grip waistband helps keep shirts tucked in. * Design: Dye Sublimation Print On Baseball Shirts. * Details: Pro ribbed elastic waistband with double front belt loops. Pro tunnel style belt loops on the sides and back. Inside back padding for extra protection.

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