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        ONE Welterweight World Champion who from the Evolve Fight Team——Ben Askren.His is one of the very best wrestlers to have entered mixed martial arts, recently retired undefeated after 19 fights as a professional. Not only did Askren defeat every opponent in front of him, but he also did so in an utterly dominant way every time.

        He has managed to remain unbeaten since amassing a stellar 18-0 professional record en-route to a world title in two major organizations. Nowadays, Askren is considered one of the top MMA fighters in the world pound-for-pound. Obviously his success stems from his incredible grappling and fight skills, which he has executed flawlessly throughout his career.       

        I believe that many people who like MMA also adore him and like him. Maybe you can't reach the fighting ability like him now, but you can have the same high quality mma shorts like him!

        To adapt all professional MMA competitions,we used 260gsm of Doubled Layered Lycra fabric, a microfiber lycra fabric that it can make for great breathability and mobility. This fabric is resistant to tearing and slipping and can withstand a large tearing force, so you don't have to worry about problems such as crotch fabric tears in the competition. Moreover, it fixes the rope through the belt, making it difficult for the shorts to fall off during strenuous exercise. And we use sublimation Printing process-- Colorful and personal logo printed on a quick dry polyester material, better for sportswear.

        LEEMIER SPORTSWEAR——14 years professional MMA fighting clothing supplier, you best choose!

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