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        She is a boss from the American fitness gym industry. As the picture shows, she is a fitness instructor who works with our company. At the same time, she also runs a fitness service company because she loves fitness. We met her at the Canton Fair in Hong Kong in October 2017. Through the conversation at the Canton Fair, we learned that she used to buy a lot of leggings in other places, but it was not satisfactory. It is often not breathable after sweating, which makes the body very sticky, uncomfortable, or the quality is not good enough, the standard that many movements cannot do because of insufficient elasticity of the leggings during the stretching exercise. This made her very distressed, so she came to Hong Kong to seek opportunities.

        So at our invitation, she came to our company to visit, from design to frame model making to printing production for a week of understanding, and finally, we chose 270gsm of 92% polyester, 8% spandex (Silk Lycra) fabric to do the leggings, which has the function of quickly absorbing sweat from the surface of the skin, avoids discomfort caused by sweat accumulation, uses ultra-slim structure, and rapidly spreads sweat, so the spread of sweat greatly enhances the speed of evaporation, and is extremely soft and comfortable. So she ordered 200 pieces from us and returned to the United States to wait.       

        Of course, it took us only 15 days to produce all the yoga pants for her, using air transport and arrived at her company in three days. Our speed surprised her, and the quality of our yoga pants made her Very happy, since then, she has often come to us to order yoga pants, just last month on the 8th, she just ordered 300 pieces of yoga pants. Now she is wearing our yoga pants to prepare for the yoga competition. We can find, Her is bodybuilding and so sexy in the picture is sexy. Do you want to be like her?

        Putting on it will definitely make you fall in love with fitness. You should know that life is movement, and a good body gives you the opportunity to realize your dreams.

        Contact us to provide your design needs, we will do everything for you, we look forward to working with you, looking forward to you will love sports because of our workout clothes, and looking forward to your body getting healthier!


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