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        One day in August 2018, we discovered a client through Facebook, the main person in charge of the apparel and supplies from the Canadian Ice Hockey Club, in a post he posted, and in the comments below. We found that he was in desperate need of a new supplier. Since his original supplier changed a fabric supply factory, the price of fabrics for making ice hockey suits increased, and the softness and tear resistance of the fabrics were not as good. So it is easy to influence their play on the court, and at this time, it coincides with the new round of friendly matches. After two months, they will participate in the 2017-18 season North American Ice Hockey League regular season, so the competition suit It has become a big problem. After all, high-quality sportswear can give athletes a better experience. It can give full play to the athletes' own ability and win the game better. He is very anxious. I hope that a quality supplier with good quality and low price can help him at this time. So we immediately found him through the contact he left on Facebook. Through contact and communicate, a few days later, we started making samples.

        Immediately, we chose 165gsm of 100% polyester breathable and comfortable fabrics, customized and made the customer's own brand label, and used the selected Italian ink to do full print through the superb sublimation process. Finally, from design to production, we spent a total of five days to make a sample and took the goods to the customer's hand in only three days. After confirming the receipt, he separately washed the sample to test the shrinkage rate, the colorfastness of the print, and also measured the weight, and let a team member wear the sample for training to test the ice hockey the tear resistance of the clothes.


        Hereafter, the customer came to our factory from Canada on August 15th, From the selection of fabrics to the design of the frame and the thermal transfer of the logo design, we let him got a good understanding of our factory, so finally passed two days of communication and understanding, he decided to try to cooperate with us, because he believes that we are cheaper than the price given by his original supplier, and it looks better quality, so he decided to hand over the ice hockey competition suits us to production, and said, if possible, we will cooperate for in the future.

        Although there have been some minor misunderstandings between us during the production process, we have promptly improved and solved the design and detail requirements by communicating on WhatsApp, SKYPE and emails in a timely manner. Finally, it took 14 days,and timely to avoid some details of the process errors. We packed the 42 hockey uniforms on August 31 on time and delivered them to the Canadian customer's home in three days by DHL.

        Unsurprisingly, the customer was very satisfied with the quality and design process. On October 8th, this Canadian ice hockey team wore our company's ice hockey suit to won the championship. The customer was so happy then share the winning pictures with us. We are really happy for them, very pleased, we have done our best to provide our customers with the best sportswear, to ensure that the needs of customers can be met in time, Of course, after that, we become the long-term supplier of this customer, customer satisfaction is our biggest aim.

        Follow us and you will find that we can bring you unexpected and excellent service.

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