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        American football is a type of football, the most popular sport in the United States, and the first of the four major professional sports in North America.

        The high school American football in the picture will return to Ireland on Friday, August 28, 2020, when the US team will cross the Atlantic to Dublin to participate in competitive games and regular season.High schools that have committed to the event will be announced during the coming months, along with the event venues.The games will be played on the same weekend that Navy face Notre Dame in a college football game at the Aviva Stadium."We are arranging some intriguing and competitive matchups between American teams that will excite the people of Dublin, who always provide a warm welcome and support our events in force," said Global Football president and founder Patrick Steenberge.       

        We provide them with high quality American football jerseys made of 290gms double-sided Poly-spandex mixed fabric. A classic cut with a wide double saddle, perfect for guards, side panels and extended rear trim. This type of sleeve is more suitable for player protectors on the defensive line. Except for the knitted cuff at the end of the cuff, the entire product can be printed.      

     If you want to have the same quality American football uniform , please contact us. You just need to provide inspiration and we will serve you! There are more American football outfits here..


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