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        Four wrestlers with coaches left Northumberland High School on Thursday, bound for Salem and the Virginia High School league state 1A tournament. The four had a combined record of 113 wins and 13 losses for the season. They came home with two second places and a fourth in the weather-shortened event. Congratulate these young contestants.

        Those familiar with wrestling competitions know that wrestling competitions have high requirements for the tear resistance of wrestling suits. Want to play your own strength on the field, can not be separated from a good wrestling suit. So what material is the wrestling suit they wear?      

        Thosewrestling singlets are made from moisture-wicking polyester/lycra material. The designs are dyed right into the fabric for a smooth, vibrant, lightweight, high performing jersey. The leg elastic is non-gripper meaning that it's comfortable and won't rip your skin. Flatlock seams and double stitched for comfort and durability, no bulge at the seams 1-2 inches shorter on the thigh than the average singlet Binding Misc. These custom wrestling singlets are 100% fully sublimated. The designs will never crack, peel, or fade away as they are dyed into the material itself.

     Sublimation looks better, lasts longer, click for more design options.


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