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        Ice hockey originated in Canada between the 1850s and 1860s. Kingston, Canada, is popular for an ice game in which the player's foot is tied with a skate. The earliest record of the ice hockey is found in the 17th century Dutch publication. The gentlemen wear skates tied with bone-grinded blades. The ice on the river is gliding with a round cake. In the early 19th century, there was a record of a similar game in Canada's Micmac Indians, which used sticks and wooden round cakes.

        As announced on Wednesday afternoon, The Fitchburg State Ice Hockey Team has been selected as the fifth place in the MASCAC pre-season coach poll.the Panthers of Panthers of Plymouth University was selected as the 2019-20 MASCAC Ice Hockey Champion after winning the Winter Regular and Playoff Championships last year. Plymouth State University collected five first-place votes in this year's poll, accumulating 34 points, while the Panthers ranked second with UMass Dartmouth with 29 points, including the remaining two first votes. Westfield State University followed with 25 points and ranked third, while Salem State University ranked fourth with 20 points. Fitchburg State University ranked fifth with 19 points, and Worcester State University and Framingham State University ranked sixth and seventh with 14 points and 6 points respectively. Congratulations to the Plymouth University Leopard team, we are very honored that we can provide them with high quality and comfortable breathable ice hockey suits , and want to have a good set of ice hockey suits will add to your training and competition.     

        Ourice hockey suits : *Material: 100% polyester 190gsm perforated mesh fabric for ice hockey jersey. *Function: breathable, quick-drying, moisture wicking, anti-static, anti-UV *Design: custom patterns, logos, team names, labels, etc. *Printing process: sublimation, hot pressing, screen printing, embroidery *Technology: flocking sewing

        Put it on and fight with your team! Click to get more inspiration about ice hockey sportswear.


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