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        Baseball, which has been popular in Europe and America for hundreds of years, is actually very suitable for young people who are smart, fast, mental, and responsive. Playing baseball has a great effect on improving students' physical fitness, intelligence, and teamwork spirit.

        The comprehensive characteristics inherent in baseball are unmatched by other sports. According to surveys by relevant institutions, students who play baseball are not only energetic, but also have higher IQ and EQ levels, and are more able to adapt to the brutal competition in future society.       

        In order for students who love baseball to strengthen their brains and to meet the challenges of the future frankly, in order to allow them to have more comfortable exclusive baseball uniforms. Just like the exquisite baseball uniform of Williams baptist university's team in the picture. We use interlocking moisture-wicking fabric for a lightweight, breathable feel. It has sun protection, stain resistance, anti-shrink function. Jersey grip waistband helps keep shirts tucked in. Strong moisture-wicking absorption that discharges sweat keeping skin dry.

        100% handmade, highest quality baseball jersey set. No matter what design you want, we all can do it for you.

        Leemier——Your better baseball uniform supplier!

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