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        Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world. The number of spectators exceeds 2 billion each year. The baseball industry accounts for 12% of the world sports industry market, second only to football and rugby. It is the sum of basketball and F1 racing. The US baseball industry is the most developed, and the popularity of baseball in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan is also high.

        In 2019, the school's baseball team scored a total of 20 wins and 5 losses. Player Yi was named the WCAC Player of the Year in 2019. The coach of the team was named WCAC Coach of the Year for the first time in his career. They rank first in the WCAC league, and they will enter the WCAC playoffs as the second seed.      

        Winning a baseball game is inseparable from the comfortable and breathable baseball uniform ,and the custom-made fashion style baseball uniform is also a beautiful landscape on the field. We are a professional OEM custom design service team that can provide free baseball shirts,baseball pants,andbaseball jackets with your logo, as well as special labels such as printed labels and woven labels. More high quality custom baseball uniforms are available at Moqdiy.

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