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        Today is thanksgiving day, this is a western festival however as a Chinese I also want to say thank you to many people.

        First my parents, they gave me life and lead me to be a useful person in this world, and then my wife and my child, they give me a family and then I can enjoy many happy times in my life.

        Also I should say thank you to many people that I even cant recall their names used to help me in my life, thank you for you support and help.

        Last I must say thank you to Leemier Sports and all our team fellows, thank you because you make me love sports more, and we can bring sports and healthy life styles to more and more people around the world via sports jerseys you make.

        Our vision is to serve 10,000 teams, and 1 million players in the next 5 years, no matter you play baseball, hockey, football or basketball, we can provide you the most professional game apparels and accessories.

        Those are our designs for thanksgiving day.

        More design, all in leemier sportswear.

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