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        Do you know UFC? It is the ultimate fighting championship, it is currently the world's top and largest professional MMA (comprehensive fighting). More than 20 events are held each year, and many people who love MMA sports will go see it. It is worth mentioning that professional fighters who sign UFC will have undergone systematic and scientific combat training, which will let them have the ability to comprehensively use various fighting techniques. Therefore, there are many people who want to get training and want to get a chance to participate in UFC. Not only can you make money, but you can also get a lot of honors and do that thing you love. Therefore, many MMA training institutions have been born. Of course, if you want to train effectively, you must not only have a good training agency, but also a professional quality MMA set. And we are the one who can bring you professional MMA training shorts.

        In order to be close to the needs of customers and better serve our customers, our company has set up a development team to study MMA, create better and better quality MMA shorts for these people. so that they can give full play to their due strength in the usual training and competition, and we strive to bring them a better experience in daily training clothes and gloves.       

        So, Hayabusa, TATAMI and many other well-known MMA manufacturers have worked with us, we have produced many boxing fighter shorts for them for a long time. The pictures in the pictures below are all shared by our customers. They often wear boxing for professional MMA shorts we produce for them, training for BJJ, etc. We usually use 140gsm thin 4-way stretchable fabric, or 240gsm thick 4-way stretchable fabric and 90% polyester 10% spandex fabric such as 220gsm twill fabric (T400). More and more high-quality fabrics are waiting for you pick.

        For example, it is worth mentioning that the MMA athlete from Las Vegas in the following picture, The man on the far left is him. The man in the middle is his coach, and the right is his friend, he has always dreamed of one day getting the UFC qualification and boarding the UFC stage. This time he wore the MMA shorts we made for him. We used 260gsm of Doubled Layered Lycra fabric, a microfiber lycra fabric that it can make for great breathability and mobility. This fabric is resistant to tearing and slipping and can withstand a large tearing force, so you don't have to worry about problems such as crotch fabric tears in the competition. Moreover, it fixes the rope through the belt, making it difficult for the shorts to fall off during strenuous exercise. And we use sublimation Printing (Heat Transfer Printing) process-- Colorful and personal logo printed on a quick dry polyester material, better for sportswear——No increase fees! The fixing cord through the waistband keeps fitting.

        Therefore, he is very satisfied, wearing the professional MMA shorts we produced for him to participate in the autumn professional MMA competition in the southern United States, and finally won the victory, a step closer to him near UFC. He is very grateful to his coach for his cultivation, and even more thanks to their training agency for choosing us as their MMA supplier in order to give them more advantages.

      If you also dream of exercising through MMA or participating in a well-known MMA competition such as UFC, then you can choose us, just need you to provide inspiration, we will do everything for you!

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