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        American football, also known as American rugby, is a popular sports sport derived from rugby in the United States. The most popular forms of the game are professional and college football.The team in the picture is from the University of San Diego track and field team, they earned Academic All-Pioneer Football League honors in the last year and received the academic full PFL honor in the end. Proud of those scholar-athletes!

        A good competition experience requires a good set of sportswear. If you want to play your own strength better, you can't do without a good American football suit. So what material is the materials they wear? Let's take a look!      

        The American football Jersey they wear is made of 290gms two-sided Poly-spandex mixed fabric. Classic cut with wide double saddle, well-fitting with protectors, with side panels and extended backside. The type of this sleeve fits better the protector of players in the defensive line. Printing is possible throughout the product, except knit cuffs at the end of sleeves.

     If you want to have the same quality American football uniform, then come and contact us. You just need to provide inspiration, we will do it for you!More American football suits.


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