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        American football, as a ball game popular in the United States, has many benefits.

        1.American football is a good sport that can improve the strength of the upper body, because you need a strong arm to attack and throw, and this collision sport also needs sufficient muscle strength.       

        2.Improve flexibility and agility. This is a vital skill for playing football. Both hands and feet need to be able to suddenly change direction and shift speed. Because American football can strengthen your physique and cultivate teamwork. Almost every high school in the United States has a football team.

        The picture shows a high school in the eastern United States where they are playing an American football game in the fall.We choose 260GSM silk lycra fabric for them to produce American football suits.This fabric is durable, lightweight and tear-resistant.And use Tackle Twill (sewn on, applique) and sublimation print process,it is very suitable for youth.

        If you need the unique high-quality American football jersey sets, welcome to choose us as your supplier!Just show us the style you want.We could copy any sample just as your request.

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