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        The Cornell Wrestling Team suspended the college doubles match and brought its talent to the Cliff Keane Invitational in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ranked 17th, Red competed with the other 25 top 25 teams and finished 11th overall. Let's congratulate Red! "When you fight with teams and guys of this ability, you will lose a lot," said head coach Rob Cole. "If you don't object to this type of competition, it will be difficult to deal with it. Hope our people are learning from it without being discouraged." It is reported that Red will return to South Beach doubles after the vacation. The operation will take place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from December 29th to 30th.

        We wish Red a better result in the next games! We provide quality wrestling suits . Let you make the best use of the game.       

        Our wrestling singlets is made of polyester / lycra which absorbs and wicks away sweat. Your elaborate design is printed directly on the fabric, which is not only smooth, but also lightweight. Leg elastics are elastic and fit your skin tightly. The garment has flat lock seams and double seams, and the seams on the thighs are 1-2 inches shorter than ordinary single-wire garments and sundries. These advanced customization wrestling singlets are 100% fully sublimated. Designs printed on fabrics will never crack, peel or fade.

      Sublimation is better and more comfortable, please click for more design templates.

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